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The story of AKARD

It was told in an Babylonian clay tablet some five thousand years ago the story of a man, who through self-discipline and prudent managementof his money, learns the magic of compounding interest from his regular saving and reinvesting a percentage of his income. Wise as he was, in the art of wealth accumulation and wealth preservation, he became the richest man in Babylon during his lifetime. This man was AKARD, whoi was trusted by the good king Sargon to teach the people of Babylon the art of accumulating wealth.

Inspired by the story, NAMLIFA recognizes the role played by Life Assurance Professionals and Financial Advisors in helping people to plan and accumulate wealth for their future and their loved one and at the same time, utilizing the Magic of Life Assurance to create an umbrella to shield and protect against the loss of the human economic value. Thus, the introduction of the AKARD Award in year 2004 where members who are eligible for membership to this elite club which represents 5% of the top producers in the inductry.


傲凯奖(AKARD AWARD)是马来西亚保险执业人的里程碑之一,也是马来西亚寿险理财行业最具有代表性的“金像奖”。




18th Akard Award Recognition 2021

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